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Couchbase was formed in 2011 from the merger of Membase and CouchOne. It is VC backed and has its headquarters in California with additional offices in France, India and the United Kingdom. The company has a substantial partner programme.

Couchbase Server is a packaged version of its open source technology and is available in both community and commercial versions. Extending the NoSQL database to the edge, Couchbase Mobile runs on both mobile devices and other small footprint devices. For Couchbase Server both on-premises and cloud-based deployments are supported. The company targets its database across industry boundaries and, prior to the most recent release, the focus has been on operational use cases. It has some notable clients, including Cisco, eBay, Sky, Telefonica, Ryanair, Tesco and many others.


Company Info

Headquarters: 3250 Olcott Street, Santa Clara, CA 95954
Telephone: +1 650-417-7500


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Hybrid real-time data processing

There are multiple ways in which databases that support real-time operational/transactional and analytic processing may be implemented. This report compares representative samples of each.
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Couchbase Server

Couchbase Server is an open source, shared nothing, distributed, NoSQL multi-model, document-oriented database that stores JSON documents.
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