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Cisco Systems

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Cisco Systems is a major IP-based networking equipment and tools manufacturer that was incorporated in 1984. It achieved revenues of US$47.1 billion in 2014, although this was an overall decrease of 3% over the previous year, mainly as a result of declining product sales. It now seems to be growing again, as its Q3/2023 revenue (just one quarter) was $14.6B, up 14% year on year, with $2.9B returned to shareholders (although we are not sure that shareholder returns are the metric they once were, societal returns are becoming important).

Its products focus on IP-based networks, providing communications and IP products and services. It is mostly associated with the switching and network routing markets, in the public mind, but its size and breadth of offering have grown way beyond its original network appliances origins. It now has service provider video, collaboration, data centre, wireless, security, observability and other products.

Cisco sees hybrid multicloud as the future. That involves working closely with the hyperscale public clouds. Most importantly, it seeks to provide a simplified, unified and more secure interface for enterprise customers dealing with new hybrid work models, growing IoT interconnection requirements and demands for greater business performance assurance.

It is focused on simplifying and securing hybrid network and wants to “frustrate attackers, not users”. It relies in part, on Open Telemetry to reduce tool sprawl.

Cisco Systems serves a wide range of customers, including all sizes of business, public sector institutions, telecommunications and other service providers, and individual consumers. It operates in every major geographic region and has an extensive partner program worldwide.

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Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA, 91534
Telephone: +1 408 526 4000


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