Data Preparation Challenges in Healthcare

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As a patient, you are often required to repeat the same information to different medical practitioners on each stage of your patient journey. You could be forgiven for wondering if any of the information you give medical practitioners is ever captured and shared effectively. Yet that data, collected in great volume, combined with new sources of data from, for example, connected medical devices is critical in driving better patient outcomes and improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system.

In this podcast we will look at the challenges healthcare organisations face in ensuring that the data they collect is accessible, secure and of a quality that enables it to be used in a timely and flexible fashion for a diverse array of use cases to improve patient experience, optimise internal processes and meet regulatory requirements. We will discuss the key data preparation tasks and point to the type of solutions that should be considered.

In the context of these challenges, we will highlight the Voracity data management platform and how well it tackles the technical challenges of discovering, integrating and migrating data so that it meets all regulatory needs and provides a sound and secure foundation for providing data driven improvements in health outcomes and system productivity.

Host Elizabeth Hotson is joined by Bloor’s Paul Bevan, and David Friedland, SVP, Voracity and Data Management at IRI. You can download the show now on various podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music, or listen to it below.