Last Updated: 10th March, 2014
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McAfee offers a wide range of security technologies including data protection, database security, email, web and messaging security, endpoint security, mobile security, network security, risk and compliance, SaaS, security management and SIEM.

At the heart of all of its offerings is its ePolicy Orchestrator open, unified security management platform. McAfee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel as of February 2011. Among the most recent developments are its foray into the identity and access management space, with offerings based on extending identity services to cloud- and web-based solutions and for giving access to applications for external parties and mobile workers. 

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  • Tel: +1 888 847 8766
  • Approx size: 7000 people

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The are no solutions, listed at this time. If you work for, or represent, McAfee and would like to see your products/solutions listed please arrange an analyst briefing.

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