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Last Updated: 12th August, 2015
Analyst Coverage: Fran Howarth, David Norfolk


Glasswall Solutions is a UK based company with a fully patented security software product that will transform computer safety for generations to come.

Its experienced development team's unique and exacting research is totally transforming organisations threat intelligence, content security and policy management, compliance and security.

It offers Glasswall direct to corporate clients and through its partners and provides software licences to security infrastructure solution providers and systems integrators, enabling its partners and customers to deliver 100% virus free attachments to their clients.

Glasswall Solutions email security platform

Last Updated: 12th August, 2015

Glasswall's technology provides forensic understanding and remediation of unstructured data found in commonly used files. These are the sorts of files that organisations use for business records and communications, making many users unlikely to think twice about opening them when received as email attachments. It allows organisations to understand what risks are associated with the structural and functional elements of documents and emails so that they may make informed decisions about how to handle those documents according to policy, including whether to allow, quarantine, or normalise and sanitise the file. Ultimately, it provides the ability to regenerate an untrusted file, substituting the original with one that is known to be safe and trustworthy.

It provides protection against even zero-day threats by focusing on what is known to be good in order to provide absolute protection against even the most advanced, previously unseen threats.

Glasswall works with a range of partners to provide clients with professional services. These include risk audit and analysis, compliance testing, services for testing the effectiveness and adoption of policies, data migration services, identification and measurements of unstructured files for document integrity and for improving compliance, and cyber threat assessments to gauging and quantifying the risk of both known and unknown threats.

Glasswall's technology is applicable for all vertical industries, although it is seeing particular interest in the legal, financial and utility sectors. It primarily targets organisations in the mid-sized to large enterprise sector, especially those that are heavily regulated, although it is suited for any organisation that relies on email as a communications mechanism.

Glasswall's technology provides visibility into the make-up of files, deconstructing them to their component level to determine what is known to be good, including functional elements that are associated with the file such as JavaScript, metadata and macros that can hide threats that could lead to a security incident if left unchecked. It then reconstructs the files at a byte level and removes threats encountered through complete file sanitisation.

Glasswall offers a range of services through its consulting partners. These services include risk audit and analysis, compliance testing, policy effectiveness measurement, data migration, document integrity and cyber threat assessment.


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