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This page was archived on 19th March, 2019 and is no longer actively maintained.

Big Data - Where's the Value?

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Total cost of ownership (TCO) survey

TCO is often overlooked and under-researched. We are aiming to rectify this matter across a range of data management issues.
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Deepfield – A major new force in Telco advanced network analytics

Deepfield are offering a new approach to network analytics for Telcos promises much and delivers business changing insights
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Arria: wow!

Arria doesn't just analyse data for you, it presents the results, with recommendations, in natural language.
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Guavus: transforming the business model for communication service providers

Guavus are a relatively new analytic vendor specializing in the Telecoms market, and with a very focused approach.
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It’s elementary

I finally understand what IBM's Watson is all about
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Calling a spade a spade

Preventative maintenance and asset optimisation are not the same thing
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The Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things and why is it important?
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Breakthrough and instrumented applications

The sort of data that is common in big data scenarios can be exploited in other ways too
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Informix revived

Informix is targeting time-series based (instrumented) applications
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What is big data?

The first of a series of articles on big data (What is Hadoop? was a preface).
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Building Breakthrough Applications

A breakthrough application changes the way that the user does his work. It doesn't just automate processes: it innovates and alters them, often radically.
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