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Test Data Management - What's Changed?

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CA Technologies acquires Grid-Tools

CA has acquired Grid-Tools. As always, the questions are what CA will do with its new products and will this be good for users?
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Agile Designer Javelin

Javelin is the latest extension to Grid-Tools' Agile Designer, adding an automated testing framework.
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The bus anomaly in Test Data Management

Just when you've found a second company offering synthetic test data generation another one comes along.
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Service Virtualisation Market Update

This document represents a snapshot of the current state of the service virtualisation market.
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Service virtualisation

Will Informatica's next acqusition be Parasoft?
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Grid-Tools Test Data Management

As far as we know, Grid-Tools is the only specialist vendor in this space. In our view, Datamaker is the most extensive and most complete test data management product that is available on the market today.
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