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Mainframe - What's Changed?

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Big Software’s Big Trick - Turning Unisys mainframes into just another standard Intel server (with added benefits)

Unisys ClearPath Forward operating systems can now be licenced for standard Intel servers, on Bare Metal, VMWare and Hyper-V, reducing costs and opening up opportunities for IT modernisation and Mainframe-as-a-Service flexibility.
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The Mutable Mainframe - the Mainframe is still very much part of the CA Technologies roadmap

The Mutable Business probably doesn't care much about what is behind its SLAs, as long as they're met. So, it might as well be a Mainframe.
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Enterprise server 3.0 – zEnterprise BC12

A new z mainframe arrives - and I wonder why it still seems to be a specialist choice for many companies
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Some thoughts on Avnet’s new Cloud in a Box

Cloud is coming but it can make people nervous. A development and testing appliance may be a good way to get it started.
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zEnterprise EC12 released

The 12th generation of the IBM z mainframe is here - and it looks impressive
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