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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - What's Innovative?

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“Explainable AI” - Maintaining human control in a world of increasingly intelligent machines

Machine augmentation may well automate routine business jobs out of existence but it will still be important that decisions can be explained in human terms.
post (Icon) - A new Value Stream Management (VSM) platform

The Value Stream Management platform integrates existing tools such as Collabnet VersionOne, XebiaLabs and Arxan.
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Clarity, Cloud, and Culture Change at IBM

The appointment of new IBM CEO, Arvind Krishna might be one of the most significant weeks in its history as it sets foot on the path to a culture change.
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Dynatrace float demonstrates AIOps is hot at the moment

Dynatrace and others now offer the ability to monitor and manage the whole of the infrastructure stack in a public and hybrid cloud environment.
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AI and cybersecurity: puppies grow up to be guard dogs

How machine learning is driving innovation in detecting and responding to security events.
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