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Infrastructure - What's Innovative?

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Oracle Cloud - Combining new techniques with a strong legacy to enable the Mutable Enterprise

The recent announcement of Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer means you can have a dedicated private cloud in your own datacentre.
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When is a Mainframe not a Mainframe? - When it is an Enterprise Server 3.0 culture, stupid…

Mainframe capabilities are still needed – but let’s refer to Enterprise Server 3.0 today.
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IBM Think 2020 – Online

IBM is actively encouraging the movement of mission critical workloads onto suitable public clouds using what it calls Intelligent Workflows.
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Clarity, Cloud, and Culture Change at IBM

The appointment of new IBM CEO, Arvind Krishna might be one of the most significant weeks in its history as it sets foot on the path to a culture change.
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European Cloud Leader OVH: very different … in a very good way (Part 1)

If you are looking for consistently good, globally scaleable IaaS performance at a low price, OVH is one of the first places you should look.
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3 IT infrastructure enablers for Industry 4.0

We are on the verge of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) Having up-to-date strategies for the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless networking and Edge computing will help position organisations to take advantage of expected step-change gains in productivity.
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Equinix enables mutable global digital supply chains

Equinix new as-a-service offering allows enterprises to customise connectivity to partners, customers and suppliers
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Has the Open Compute Project Come of Age?

As I read the announcements and reviews coming out of the Open Compute Project Summit in San Jose earlier this month I got a strong sense...
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Serverless architectures - a great idea, but some caution advised

We could be building a new spreadsheet disaster in Shadow IT
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BMC Exchange 2016 - the privitised BMC is still innovating

There's still a buzz around BMC, although bringing its legacy customers along may not be trivial.
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ExtraHop Networks. IT Operations and wire data analytics

ExtraHop Networks transforms the packets that carry data across a network into real-time analytics.
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ARM and IoT - Everybody is innovating for IoT, but some IoT platforms are already here, and are just maturing

ARM has a strong IoT story, with an IoT platform providing hardware-enabled security.
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