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Database Management Systems - Further Information

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Cover for Graph Databases 2019

Graph Database Market Update 2019

This is the third Market Update into the graph database market, considering and comparing both property graph and RDF databases.
Cover for the Memgraph InBrief

Memgraph (2019)

Memgraph is a property graph database targeted primarily at hybrid analytic and transactional environments.
Cover for the Cray Systems and the Cray Graph Engine InBrief

Cray Systems and the Cray Graph Engine

The Cray Graph Engine is an RDF database that runs on a variety of Cray hardware platforms.
Cover for the ArangoDB InBrief


ArangoDB is a multi-model database that supports document (JSON), key-value and property graph capabilities with one database core and one declarative query language.
Cover for the Cambridge Semantics AnzoGraph InBrief

Cambridge Semantics AnzoGraph (2019)

AnzoGraph is a massively parallel RDF database targeted primarily at large scale analytic environments
Cover for the Neo4j InBrief

Neo4j (January 2019)

Neo4j is a labelled, property graph database with a native engine that is targeted at operational and hybrid operational/analytic use cases.
Cover for Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

Cosmos DB is a distributed multi-model database that is provided as a service. It supports key-value, column store, document and property graphs.
Cover for IBM Informix – the white swan

IBM Informix – The White Swan

This paper aims to help you sleep well at night (SWAN) and discusses: ease of administration; continuous availability and scalability; and smart triggers.
Cover for EsgynDB and HTAP

EsgynDB and HTAP

This paper discusses the sorts of features needed to support HTAP processing and then considers the capabilities of EsgynDB within this context.
Cover for SentryOne


This paper focuses on the synergies between the products that SentryOne has been developing and marketing since it was founded, and those which it gained when it acquired Pragmatic Works Software in April 2018.
Cover for What's Hot in Data?

What’s Hot in Data

In this paper, we have identified the potential significance of a wide range of data-based technologies that impact on the move to a data-driven environment.
Cover for All about graphs: a primer

All about graphs: a primer

Over the last few years graph databases have been the fastest growing sector within the database market ...
Cover for IBM Informix on Cloud

IBM Informix on Cloud

This paper discusses the use of the IBM Informix database in the cloud and, more particularly, within hybrid cloud environments.
Cover for The data management implications of GDPR

The data management implications of GDPR

This paper discusses the EU's forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) not from a legal perspective but from the point of view of data management.
Cover for InterSystems Caché

InterSystems Caché

Caché can do what conventional transactional databases can do, only better.
Cover for IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration onPower Systems: how it compares

IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration onPower Systems: how it compares

We consider the relative merits of IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration running on Power Systems as compared to HANA, Exadata and SQL Server on x86-based platforms.
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NuoDB release 2.0

The 2nd version of NuoDB has just been released, but why would you be interested in NuoDB anyway?
Cover for Database performance management

Database performance management - the importance of time-based analysis

This paper discusses the various issues that surround database performance monitoring and how we believe that they should be addressed
Cover for Embarcdero DB Optimizer

Embarcdero DB Optimizer

Most database performance tools focus on what is happening in the database and fixing it, rather than preventing problems. Conversely, this is DB Optimizer's strength.
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Informix seeks developers

Reports of the death of Informix IDS seem much exaggerated - there's an opportunity for developers there.
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