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Cloud Management - Where's the Value?

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FinOps – Fad, Trend or Essential? - The discipline of FinOps explained

FinOps isn’t a fad, it's an essential approach to manage the cost of cloud services, changing mindset from cloud as a cost centre to business growth and value generator
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Costing Cloud Data migrations

A cautionary tale about cloud data migrations as NASA moves its Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) storage onto an AWS Cloud.
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A Simple and Elegant Solution - Connecting to the Cloud from the Edge securely

While global interconnect providers like Equinix provide powerful and effective on-ramps to multiple cloud providers, there is a bigger challenge.
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Dynatrace float demonstrates AIOps is hot at the moment

Dynatrace and others now offer the ability to monitor and manage the whole of the infrastructure stack in a public and hybrid cloud environment.
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