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Cloud Management - What's Innovative?

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IoT Platform technology to thwart supermarket self scan thefts

Finding a story that shows the value of underlying, background technologies for both business leaders and end-users is a gem to be treasured.
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Clarity, Cloud, and Culture Change at IBM

The appointment of new IBM CEO, Arvind Krishna might be one of the most significant weeks in its history as it sets foot on the path to a culture change.
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How agile and resilient are your systems? - A simple tip to get a quick view.

In the wake of Covid-19, there are really only two fundamental questions. How agile are my systems? And, how resilient are they?
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Park Place Technologies – A real “out of left-field approach” to AIOps

While Paul Bevan belives that Park Place Technologies isn’t talking, out loud at least, about AIOps, he thinks they will soon be playing in that space.
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A Simple and Elegant Solution - Connecting to the Cloud from the Edge securely

While global interconnect providers like Equinix provide powerful and effective on-ramps to multiple cloud providers, there is a bigger challenge.
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Towards effective digital experience management - Devo masters the Data In(de)gestion challenge

Research into vendor capabilities in AIOps and Hybrid Infrastructure Management has revealed interesting insights in to what differentiates various solutions.
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Thousand Eyes lifts lid on the black-box of cloud and internet connectivity

Thousand Eyes' latest Cloud Performance Benchmark is a fascinating report for those using major cloud providers to run important operational applications.
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Dynatrace float demonstrates AIOps is hot at the moment

Dynatrace and others now offer the ability to monitor and manage the whole of the infrastructure stack in a public and hybrid cloud environment.
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Megaport show that complex cloud interconnectivity needn’t be complicated

Using SDN, Megaport are proving that complex issues of wide area networking and multi-cloud connectivity needn’t be complicated.
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ArchOps: Removing the risk for the Board of those ‘Big Throw’ IT investment decisions

In a software defined infrastructure you can ‘architect’ the overall whole in digital terms to be self-managing, self-correcting, and assuring compliant in real time.
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Summon up your inner Bletchley Park - To achieve the next level of savings and agility you need to be able to decode what is going on in your IT infrastructure

New storage solutions are able to ingest vast amounts of real-time data from IoT sensors and probes. AI & data analytics solutions decode the data & predict IT Infrastructure problems.
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