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Cloud Management - What's Changed?

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Now that is what I call a wide area network - If you are rooted to planet Earth

If you have been concerned about the network gap, then there have been a couple of interesting product announcements recently.
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Significant changes in the Hybrid Infrastructure Management market

Multi-Cloud and new development and deployment technologies are forcing the pace of changes in the Hybrid Infrastructure Management market.
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The critical role of IT Asset Management

A single unified view of all your assets is a fundamental requirement for providing assurance about the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.
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Cisco moves to cover a Network Gap

The intention of Cisco to acquire Thousand Eyes could be seen as just another example of a consolidation in a fast growing but crowded market.
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Not all IT monitoring and management solutions are born equal

If high performance and availability of IT is critical for your business, not all IT monitoring and management solutions are born equal.
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Monitoring and managing the performance of complex hybrid IT infrastructure environments

To monitor and react to performance issues in near real-time and be aware of what parts are being used by individual apps are critical business requirements.
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I just walked into a lamp post…why didn’t you warn me?! - Predict, don’t react to avoid IT infrastructure issues

It is clear that the increasing reliance on IT and the complexity of underlying infrastructures makes the use of automation a must for IT Ops departments.
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