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Clarity, Cloud, and Culture Change at IBM

The appointment of new IBM CEO, Arvind Krishna might be one of the most significant weeks in its history as it sets foot on the path to a culture change.
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Services are a must in today’s complex hybrid IT world

In an automated, as-a-Service consumption environment, the idea of “hands-on services” has become somewhat of an after-thought.
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A Simple and Elegant Solution - Connecting to the Cloud from the Edge securely

While global interconnect providers like Equinix provide powerful and effective on-ramps to multiple cloud providers, there is a bigger challenge.
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Megaport show that complex cloud interconnectivity needn’t be complicated

Using SDN, Megaport are proving that complex issues of wide area networking and multi-cloud connectivity needn’t be complicated.
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ArchOps: Removing the risk for the Board of those ‘Big Throw’ IT investment decisions

In a software defined infrastructure you can ‘architect’ the overall whole in digital terms to be self-managing, self-correcting, and assuring compliant in real time.
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Big Software’s Big Trick - Turning Unisys mainframes into just another standard Intel server (with added benefits)

Unisys ClearPath Forward operating systems can now be licenced for standard Intel servers, on Bare Metal, VMWare and Hyper-V, reducing costs and opening up opportunities for IT modernisation and Mainframe-as-a-Service flexibility.
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Cloud Foundry, a developer’s Paas for rapid development - could Cloud Foundry component orchestration replace “Low Code” development?

Cloud Foundry could be one of the leading platforms for developing business automation, as more and more people adopt Cloud and OSS (Open Source Software).
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