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Analytic Databases (Data Warehousing) - What's Innovative?

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VMware Greenplum - A Powerful Data Warehouse for Large Scale Analytics

Andy Hayler explores the background of data warehouses, and looks at Greenplum, a highly scalable open-source massively parallel warehouse.
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Sustainability – in the mix or front and centre?

Sustainability is a strategic imperative touching all elements of Stakeholder Engagement in a Mutable Business™.
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The Cloud, Data Warehousing and Snowflake, all my old ideas shot to ribbons!

An introduction to Snowflake a true data warehouse for the Cloud
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Data virtualisation: the next generation

New approaches to data virtualisation threaten incumbents
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Zizo: using a pattern database

The first of two blogs discussing Zizo, an analytics vendor. This blog discusses the underlying database.
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Teradata introduces Intelliflex

Teradata becomes much more flexible in its scalability options.
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Hadoop Appliances and Teradata

This paper discusses the use of Hadoop-based appliances and then specific features of the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop.
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dashDB is IBM's in-cloud warehousing as a service
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How do you map a sphere to a plane?

SpaceCurve looks like the sine qua non of geo-spatial databases.
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Approximate Query Processing

This paper examines approximate query processing (AQP) as an approach to particular types of query where approximations are appropriate.
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Oracle in-memory

Oracle has announced an in-memory option for Oracle Database 12c
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Oracle ups the storage ante

Oracle has announced the ZS3, which integrates with Oracle Database 12c
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BLU Acceleration

BLU Acceleration provides significantly improved query performance in IBM DB2 data warehousing environments.
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What exactly is in-memory?

In-memory processing can be used for a lot of different things within data warehousing
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Is YourSQL running too slowly?

Tokutek provides an interesting alternative to sharding, SSDs or relacement databases if MySQL is running too slowly
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The EDW is dead

It's not just big data, the EDW doesn't work even for structured environments
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What’s Cool and Columns and Their Benefits - and how to extend their benefits

This paper defines what column-based relational databases do, and how, compared to traditional approaches.
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Enabling in-database advanced analytics with Sybase IQ

Whether it is to better understand customer behaviour, optimise your supply chain or to recognise and prevent fraud, it should be clear that there is significant value to be derived from advanced analytics and in-database analytics as a discipline.
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DataRush extends its boundaries

The latest release of Pervasive DataRush extends its acapabilities to include data mining capabilities.
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Netezza: Enabling Advanced Analytics

In-place analytics processing will mean that network bottlenecks can be eliminated, while the high performance processing should deliver significantly faster time to insight.
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Enabling Advanced Analytics

There is significant value to be derived from advanced analytics and its implementation in-database.
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Netezza Advanced Analytics

Netezza has introduced the TwinFin iClass
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Infobright's high performance analytic data warehouse is designed to handle business-driven queries on large volumes of data - without IT intervention.
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Going to the Xtreme

I recently discussed XtremeData's DBx appliance. I now have more details. As I mentioned before it is based on PostgreSQL but only the front-end of that has been retained while the back-end has...
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The Ingres VectorWise project

In case you missed it, Ingres and VectorWise recently announced that they would be bringing a joint offering to the data warehousing market next year. The various press and other commentary on this...
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The optimal warehouse

Suppose you wanted the best possible combination of features to provide ultimate performance in data warehousing? Actually, you probably do. What would this look like? Well, to begin with you...
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Performance-driven compression

Netezza has announced compression that is as much or more about performance as it is about compression.
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