Accessibility Guidelines

We take website accessibility seriously and want to provide the best browsing experience for everyone who visits our website.

Whilst we have already undertaken some measures to improve the accessibility of this website, we are sure there is more that could be done and will be constantly improving the website to meet these demands. So if you encounter any accessibility, or usability, issues please don't hesitate to report a website issue (access key: z).

The headings below cover some of the mechanisms we have deployed on this website:

Experimental Mode

Please click this link to view a slightly different version of our website.

Aria Roles

We are implementing ARIA roles to describe the main sections of each page: banner, navigation, search and main.

Furthermore we are adding ARIA markup to all the forms on this website.

Access Keys

The main links within this website are accessible using access keys, please see our HTML Site Map for details.

Access keys work just like regular shortcut keys except that they need a browser-specific modifier key in order to work. For example, to use the “SkipTo” access key, you would press the modifier key + the access key. Here is a quick list for how this would work in most popular browsers.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer – ALT + ACCESSKEY
  • Mozilla Firefox – ALT+SHIFT+ACCESSKEY

Skip To Links

Each page has Skip To Links defined with access keys, these help navigate the main sections within each page.


Wherever possible we try to include descriptive ALT text that adds context to the image. Of course this is good for SEO too!

Recent Site Updates

  • We have made the switch to HTML 5 and a responsive template. This should work better across most modern devices.
  • We are experimenting with different stylesheets to help contrast and readability. More information will be posted as these features are released.