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Uniface Modernisation - moving enterprise integration into composite applications without pain

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Application modernisation is a particularly useful option for bringing legacy Uniface software up-to-date with the latest SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) applications and web services interfaces. You can even add a modern Uniface layer (using web services) to non-Uniface legacy, although this won’t be covered in detail here. The modernisation process will be easier as long as the legacy application is well structured (more likely if it is written to a defined architecture or framework) and delivering proven business benefit. In many cases, much of the existing code can be re-used, thus reducing the cost and resources needed to deliver business functionality.

The recommended approach to modernisation is to adopt a staged approach, based on modernising logically coherent subsets of business functionality, piece by piece. Reusing existing assets is efficient and tool-based review and re-mediation of these assets can ensure that application quality improves, and complexity doesn’t increase out of step with business function, as modernisation proceeds. Users are delivered the very best modern ‘look and feel’ (or user experience) in stages, each stage supported by its own business case.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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