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OutSystems Platform

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OutSystems has seen an opportunity for the supply of a PaaS development platform as an alternative high-productivity development environment to, for the platform. It believes that there is a choice to be made by customers in this space, although the OutSystems Platform is also entirely suitable for developing standalone apps without

OutSystems Platform has grown out of experience with providing on-premises and private cloud solutions and targets professional developers. Its ease of use is consistent, even with increasing scale and complexity, but (although accessible to a business analyst) it generally requires the participation of a skilled OutSystems programmer. In addition to its basic high-productivity capabilities (allowing development of business apps at the visual modelling and business logic level), reasons to buy OutSystems Platform include its provision of a rich developer experience, without limits, and with support for change management and re-factoring; its capabilities for delivering a good end-user experience; and the fact that it leaves control in the hands of the organisation employing it (its support for on premises and hybrid cloud, as well as public cloud, deployments is an example).

Free Download (subject to terms)

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