Application Security

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Date: 21st October, 2008
By: Nigel Stanley
Format: Market Update

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The term 'application security' is synonymous with software security and code security. Application security at Bloor Research forms a sub domain of both the Unified Threat Management and Application Development domains.

Application security, and the notion that poorly implemented code can create a security flaw in a piece of software, is a fairly recent innovation to many conventional IT security experts. Traditionally, these experts have been focused on securing networks and ensuring that hackers and malcontents can't penetrate their ever-extending perimeters. Software programming has been an alien science to be avoided at all cost, and code security an impenetrable subject.

IT security experts can no longer ignore this crucial security field, and must work with their software development colleagues to help fix code-related security problems.

The past 2 years has seen the application security market grow as new vendors entered the space and more established vendors continued to innovate. The market is set to remain changeable as acquisitions and consolidations form a backdrop against this growth.