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Large-scale analytic data marts and warehouses

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Classification: Market Update

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This paper covers large-scale analytic data
marts and warehouses. That is, environments
where there is a substantial requirement for
complex and/or unpredictable queries but
not things like master data management or
operational BI (or only to a limited extent). A
number of vendors that appeared in the two
smaller scale analytic papers do not appear
in this update. In some cases this is because
they do not physically have the ability to scale
to 50Tb but in others it may simply be that they
have not demonstrated that capability even if
they have the theoretical ability to do so. An
example is 1010Data. Another is Microsoft.
In this case the company does, in fact, have
one implementation of 55Tb but this only just
creeps over our limit and the company would
accept that its current sweet spot (until the
release of Madison) is within the small and
medium-sized markets.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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