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Date: 20th May, 2008
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RFID Gateway/SCM Portal is stand-alone software, however it can be fully integrated in the Business Integration Server platform. Both middleware solutions are 100% Java-based architecture and can be deployed on any Java-compatible Windows, UNIX, IBM AIX, HPUX or Sun Solaris. The RFID Gateway is used for data collection, consolidation and “hand-over”, whilst the SCM Portal is used for special process functionalities, reports and visual demonstration of all movements and inventory.

The product is sold in 3 editions:

  • RFID Gateway/SCM Portal-Light, a simulation and development tool allowing users to model logistic processes, test RFID reader placement, and fine-tune RFID infrastructure before an RFID implementation.
  • RFID Gateway/SCM Portal-Standard, a standalone RFID operating solution for pilot projects and small companies including tag verification, EPC/UPC product code matching, event management and alarm activation, local event configuration, graphical displays, and a variety of other features enabling companies to implement RFID projects.
  • RFID Gateway/SCM Portal-PRO, enabling full integration of RFID tag data to an organization’s ERP, WMS or MIS systems; linking of databases for filtering, comparison and analysis of RFID information; and forwarding of data to external partners for use in managing the supply chain.

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