SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure and SAP Auto-ID Enterprise

Date: 2nd February, 2008
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When SAP entered the RFID market initially, they offered a product (AII) which seemed to sit between the real edge devices and the centralised SAP system; so it was a site solution. This year, their strategy has broadened to support the management of master data between different edge facilities in an extended supply chain type environment with the introduction of SAP’s Object Event Repository.

SAP’s RFID strategy, and particularly the new RFID solutions, is built upon two key building blocks:

  • SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII): this is a site-level solution for managing auto-ID-enabled (serialised) objects—from commissioning through reconciliation and association with business context.
  • SAP Auto-ID Enterprise: this combines SAP AII with SAP Object Event into a single solution. The SAP Object Event repository is based on the core requirements specified by EPCglobal, including the EPCIS capture interface and the EPCIS query interface and was released in January 2007. It is the centralised system of records of auto-ID instances in an enterprise or in a complete value chain.

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