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CA Mainframe Storage Management

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Classification: White Paper

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Rocketing storage growth is placing an ever-greater burden on storage administrators, but adding extra equipment increases purchase, operating and maintenance costs, as well as increasing energy costs and environmentally damaging CO2 emissions. Adding more equipment and media also complicates its management and adds pressure on performance so that service level agreements (SLAs) may be threatened.

This paper first considers, in a general way, how mainframe storage users may be able to mitigate, or even remove, these negative effects and then looks at the ways the CA Mainframe Storage Management software solutions address these issues.

In summary, CA’s mainframe storage management software suites include features that specifically address each of the issues considered in an easy-to-manage way. As the case study in the paper shows, when this functionality is applied in practice, major savings and benefits can be accrued.

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