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AlienVault Unified Security Management System (USM) - ... designed for the needs of mid-market organisations

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Through the use of AlienVault’s security management platform, organisations will benefit from a unified, coordinated security monitoring capability encompassing many controls and traversing the entire network in a simplified manner, without the complexity that plagued early systems. The platform is fast to deploy and is administered and managed from one central console, giving visibility over events across the entire network and providing audit trails and management reports for risk management, governance and compliance purposes. They vastly speed up and improve the effectiveness of both incident detection and response times, helping organisations to close security gaps and improve their overall security posture.

This platform levels the playing field for organisations of all sizes, giving cash- and resource-strapped mid-market organisations the same detection and response capabilities that were previously only available to large organisations with considerable budgets and in-house expertise at their disposal.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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