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Having always been interested in design and computer animation, Gavin graduated from university with a BA(Hons) in graphic design just as the DTP revolution was taking off. Initially creating television graphics with a Quantel Paintbox at LWT, he quickly moved into the design for print industry and expanded his skillset with the ever-growing arsenal of computer design programs coming online.

Working with a wide-ranging clientbase, from offshore engineering to health, the media, education and theatre, Gavin had the opportunity to apply and hone his design skills in all areas of corporate branding, image creation and manipulation. He joined Bloor in 2015, and is responsible for maintaining the Bloor brand, as well as moving it forwards into new projects and media formats as the digital world grows.

Away from work, Gavin likes to illustrate with pencil and charcoal and has a growing portfolio of animal portraits and storybooks that keep him busy.

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