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Informatica B2B Data Exchange and Data Sharing - Scalable Multi-Enterprise Data Integration

25th May, 2011
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Business relationships today increasingly rely on sharing data with customers, suppliers and partners. But how do you manage these precious data assets and, more importantly, these relationships? Every day the loss or exposure of sensitive trading data hits the headlines with subsequent loss of business credibility, customers and also revenue for the organisations concerned.

Multi-enterprise data integration and management is critical.

Managing effectively the processes for integrating external data into your enterprise will lead to improved decision-making and greater operational efficiency.

There are also the challenges of maintaining the highest possible control and visibility around transactions and processes, ensuring compliance with all regulations as well as with service level agreements both inbound and outbound.

With a dynamic commercial environment businesses are facing new challenges—partner requirements become more diverse and complex, regulatory compliance impacts many business relationships and the ability to be able to respond to change instantly is increasingly important. The cost of doing business today is dependent on the ease with which you can on-board new partners and proactively manage and control the data relationship.

To support such B2B processes as data aggregation, data harvesting, business process outsourcing, data hubs, and data gateways, enterprises need to integrate a large variety of data formats from external sources with internal systems in both batch and real time. They need to go beyond traditional B2B capabilities, such as managed file transfer and trading partner management, to deliver full multi-enterprise data integration capabilities.

In this webinar Philip Howard from Bloor Research and Amir Grimberg from Informatica will discuss:

  • How Informatica customers extended their PowerCenter platform capabilities to support efficient data sharing, and B2B exchange
  • What differentiates the Informatica B2B solution
  • How to empower business users and reduce the impact on IT
  • Transforming any data, in any format, from any source
  • Detecting data quality problems early
  • Providing visibility into the entire data exchange process