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Exploring Successful Approaches to Test Data Management

30th August, 2012
7:00 am - 9:00 pm
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With the emergence of new software development models, organizations need data to be as agile as the development processes that use that data. Unfortunately many testing teams struggle to create and maintain the required test data and lack confidence about test data preparation and data usage within the testing discipline. Test data management addresses these concerns and provides a process for governing test data. A successful approach integrates into the software development lifecycle; ensures accurate, referentially intact and agile test data; all while protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance.
In this webcast, Philip Howard will discuss how to design a test data management approach to address three key questions:

  1. How representative is the test data?
  2. How agile is the test data?
  3. How easy and comprehensive is the data masking?

All webcast attendees will receive the whitepaper titled “Exploring Successful Approaches to Test Data Management” written by Philip Howard.

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