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Wolin Design Group

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Wolin Design Group was founded in 1993 as an EDI and logistics software consulting firm. The company's products include:

  • Da Vinci, a supply chain software suite designed specifically for small to midsize 3PLs with warehouse and transportation needs. Besides warehouse management and transport management, it also provides yard management and EDI integration capabilities
  • CartonLogic, an on-demand, cloud-based inventory and warehouse management software (WMS).
  • Miro WMS, an inventory and warehouse management software for small distribution companies.
  • Miro WMS Community Edition, an entry level inventory management and warehouse management software.

Both Da Vinci and CartonLogic include features for supplier management, procurement, order fulfillment, VMI and event management. In addition to 3PL, they are well suited for consumer packaged goods, electronics, food and beverage.

Its partners include LXE, SMC3, NiceLabel, Seagull Scientific, Zebra, Motorola/Symbol, ZFirm, Cleo Communications, and ConnectShip

Company Info

Headquarters: Orange, California, USA
Telephone: +1 714-937-0700

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