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Wing Cloud

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Wing Cloud was co-founded by Elad Ben-Israel (CEO), who has a strong open-source project background; and Shai Ber (COO), a former software developer at Microsoft. A good combination, one might think.

Wing Cloud is a cloud-neutral abstraction layer which unifies infrastructure and application code into a single programming and operational model. It fits well with the DevOps paradigm and particularly adds value to the (sometimes neglected) Ops side of things. It introduces a new language, winglan, for smanaging this virtual infrastructure, but most Wing Cloud users won’t need this.

The company has a strong “Developer building things” and open-source community focus. Its culture also includes individuals playing in teams and a global community. It says: “we … respect the need for human contact and connection, so we make an effort to meet often virtually and physically.”

There is an informative blog available here.


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