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WhereScape is a privately held software company that was founded in New Zealand in 1997. Since its inception it has focused on the creation of data warehouses, and its latest offerings centre around automating this creation.

The company has two headquarters: its executive HQ is in the in the United States, while its developmental HQ is in New Zealand. It has additional offices in the UK, Europe and Asia, from which it operates globally. It has over 700 customers worldwide and employs more than 150 people.

WhereScape (logo)

Company Info

Headquarters: 2100 NW 133rd Place, Ste. 76, Portland, 
Oregon 97229, USA
Telephone: +1 503 466 3979


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Cover for WhereScape Automation Software (InBrief)

WhereScape Automation Software

WhereScape provides a selection of software products that revolve around automating the full lifecycle of the data warehouse.

Data Warehouse Automation

This Market Update covers best-of-breed products for data warehouse automation (DWA) and data lake automation (DLA).
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