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SQLstream was founded in 2009 and was one of the early pioneers of stream processing (as opposed – at that time – to complex event processing). Headquartered in California it also has offices in Australia, the UK and Argentina. While the company has received some VC monies it has primarily bootstrapped itself and funded growth through revenues. It has technology partners such as Microsoft, DataRobot, Teradata and MongoDB amongst others, as well systems integrators such as Accenture. OEM partners include Amazon (Amazon Kinesis is based on parts of SQLstream Blaze) and Kontron. SQLstream was acquired by Guavus, a Thales company and pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based analytics, in January 2019.

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Headquarters: 1540 Market St, Suite 400-425, San Francisco, CA 94102
Telephone: +1 877 571 5775


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SQLstream Blaze, which is the name for the SQLstream suite of products, is a streaming analytics platform that is available for both on-premises and cloud-based deployments. As it’s name suggests it is based on ANSI standard SQL.
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