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Lakeview provide an ERP solution for the SME market. The company is UK-based and was formed 25 years ago. They have over 5,000 users across 300 companies. They are privately-held. Their product portfolio includes:

  • Lakeview LV – an ERP solution targeted at the food and beverage sector
  • Lakeview LV Analytics
  • Lakeview WMS
  • Trade Portals & e-commerce
  • MRP and Demand Forecasting

Lakeview LV

Lakeview LV can either  be deployed on-site or in ‘The Cloud’. Lakeview Computers LV ERP is an ERP system with functionality for accounting, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing, and reporting. On the accounting side of things, the program handles job costing, invoicing, and nominal ledger. For your supply chain needs, the product forecasts demand, handles both SOs and POs, and can issue RMAs. Lastly, Lakeview Computers can set up manufacturing processes and issue analytical sales reports.


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