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Grid-Tools was founded in 2005 though, in a sense, its foundations go further back than that, since its founders had previously built up and then sold BitByBit to OuterBay (since acquired by HP). The company therefore has a depth of experience in test data management, while this also explains why it is privately owned and self-financing.

The company’s motto is “data fit for purpose”. However, this refers to test data rather than production data and Grid-Tools’ solutions are all about, and focused on, testing. This is a significant differentiator when compared to Grid-Tools’ usual competitors. For example, when it comes to test data management Grid-Tools’ most vociferous rivals are all data management providers: they come at test data management from a data management perspective whereas Grid-Tools focuses on the tester.

Another generic point worth noting about Grid-Tools is that it is an advocate of agile development practices. While the company’s products are not targeted specifically at agile development environments (they are equally suitable for traditional environments) Grid-Tools is very much aware of the requirements for testing in agile environments.

The company’s headquarters is in the UK, while it also has offices in the United States (New York), and a team based in India (Delhi). It has an extensive partner programme with trained staff in Australasia, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and both North and South America. It also has a variety of technical partners as well as systems integrators, and its strategic partnerships include HP and Accenture.

Grid-Tools is now a part of CA Technologies.

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Company Info

Headquarters: Eynsham, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, OX29 4TP
Telephone: +44 (0)1865 884600

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