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Denodo (which means “acting with resolve” in the Galician language) or, more specifically, the Denodo Platform, is the eponymous product of the company of the same name. Although the company has historically focused on data virtualisation – which is to say, the ability to access heterogeneous data from multiple sources without having to move that data – and it remains a core component of its offering, the Denodo Platform available at present covers a much broader set of data management capabilities than just data virtualisation. This includes data governance, metadata management, data integration, data access, and more. It also puts significant emphasis on its ability to help you create a data fabric.

Denodo is privately held and backed by venture capital. It was originally founded in 1999, by Angel Viña, at the time a Full Professor at the University of A Coruña, Spain. Since then, the company has moved its headquarters to the United States (in 2005), and development is now split between the United States and Spain. The company has several offices in the USA, Singapore, Spain, and Germany, and is represented around the world by its network of partners. These partners include systems integrators, technology partners, solution partners that embed the Denodo technology into their own products, and research partners.

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Company Info

Headquarters: 525 University Avenue, Suite 31, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA
Telephone: (+1) 650 566 8833


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Denodo offers extensive features for a data fabric architecture, including data virtualization, a data catalog and query optimization.
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DENODO InBrief (cover thumbnail)

Denodo and data governance

Denodo’s data virtualization capabilities enable data governance.
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