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Collibra is a small but high growth Data Governance software company. Its research and development is done in Europe, but deploys most of its sales and marketing activities through its US headquarters in New York (60% of the customers are US based).

The company’s technology originally derived from research into semantics, which was first commercialised in 2008.

Collibra specialises in data governance software and supporting data stewardship for structured data. As such it is the only vendor that specifically focuses on this market to the exclusion of other capabilities. Its solutions—Data Stewardship Manager, Business Glossary, Reference Data Accelerator and the Data Governance Center (which combines the other three)—should be regarded as complementary to traditional suppliers of data quality and master data management software.

Collibra (logo)

Company Info

Headquarters: New York, USA
Telephone: +1 347 491 38 28


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