Musings from David Norfolk, Practice Leader for Development & Governance.

CU2008 Day 1

OK, I'm at Day 1 of the Worldwide Compuware Uniface User Conference (CU2008) and it's pretty good. I've always liked Uniface - its a productive way of building rich applications at an abstraction...

Rational RSDC, Jazz and Second Life

A chance to talk with Danny Sabbah (General Manager, Rational Software) at the London Rational Software Developers Conference (RSDC) is not to be missed—but more of that anon. First, I...

Informix – and reuse within IBM

Steve Mills described technology reuse in IBM Software in his RSDC 2008 keynote - and reuse of Informix RDS technology in IBM products bodes well for its future. However, technology reuse generally has been a very long time coming.

IBM RSDC – 2nd Fytte

A round up of what tickled me at RSDC in the way of new tools. We have a new (ish) language and some promise of help with governance.