CA to acquire DLP vendor Orchestria

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Written By: Nigel Stanley
Published: 6th January, 2009
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News that CA has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Orchestria quite brightened up my first day back at work following the Christmas and New Year break. It also lends support to my increasing respect for the energy and thinking I have picked up when speaking with people across CA.

The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) market has seen some interesting consolidations over the past 2 years as many large vendors purchased DLP technologies to complete their strategic line up. What is just as interesting is the few major players that have not plugged the DLP hole in their portfolio and carry on in their own sweet way whilst others, such as CA, steal a march on them. This problem will only get worse as the number of really good independent DLP vendors available for purchase decreases.

The CA product line up had a DLP sized hole for a while, and it makes sense for CA to purchase a respected player such as Orchestria. The alternative, of developing a home grown solution, would be time consuming and difficult. After all many of the fundamental issues of DLP have been fixed by vendors such as Orchestria so why bother reinventing the wheel?

The Orchestria product will fit well as part of the CA identity and access management (IAM) solution set and apparently CA will be looking at creating industry-specific DLP policy sets for customers. Quite how this will work in practice I don't know, but it shows a desire to make DLP easy to buy and provide a cross sell opportunity for the access management folks.

Orchestria will no doubt benefit from the increased bang they will get as part of CA, who will undoubtedly push development for all they can get to drive in new features. It will be interesting to see what will become of the UK arm of Orchestria, especially the research and development site based in Taunton, Somerset. Hopefully CA will see a way of keeping these skilled engineers on board without flattening their energies.

Additionally Orchestria has a relationship with Symantec who license the Orchestria Smart Tagging technology for use in their Enterprise Vault product. They also have a partnership with Voltage providing integration with the email encryption product Voltage SecureMail. Time will tell what happens with these relationships post CA.

The data loss prevention market is starting to mature at a rate of knots. CA has just dragged it out of its teenage years.

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