EFT Summit to look at Industry 4.0 effect on SCM

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The 11th Hi-Tech Supply Chain Summit Europe is due to take place in Munich Over the first 2 days in June. The summit is organised by eft (Eyes For Transport). In their initial email they made the following comment which made me interested as it ties into the Mutable Enterprise theme that Bloor launched in November: “Industry 4.0 technology such as the Internet of Things, Augmented/Virtual Reality, 3D printing and robotics are driving incredible capabilities for manufacturers and retailers, revealing a multitude of business opportunities. However, putting the customer first and integrating this technology is not a simple process; the pressures of constant inventory management, accurate demand forecasting and the need to deliver a consistent service to customers means technology adoption is a complex task.”

The key themes of the summit will include:

  • Driving Business Digitisation: Use Cross Functional Approaches and A Collaborative Mindset to Transform Your Organisation into A Digitally Enabled and Agile Customer-Centric Operation
  • From Multi-Channel to Omni-Channel: Keep Up with Changing Consumer Behaviour and Trends and Move Your Business Forward Through an Omni-Channel Business Strategy
  • Managing Legacy IT Systems: Update your technology platforms while maintaining customer service
  • Deliver a Customer-Centric IT Strategy: Leverage New Technology to Deliver Improved Customer Service and Enhance the Customer Experience
  • The Rise of the Internet of Things: Find Out How Ecommerce Giants Are Utilising the Internet of Things to Create a Smart, Connected Freight Network
  • Blockchain Technology Comes to Logistics: Discover the Potential That Blockchain Technology Holds for The Logistics Industry, And Discover How It Will Transform the Shipper/Customer Relationship

There are a lot of key subjects being covered at the summit it would appear.