Caen RFID and Datalogic partner to develop RFID UHF Technology

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Caen RFID, one of the major European UHF RFID device suppliers, have announced the signature of an agreement with Datalogic, a specialist in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation for the retail, manufacturing, transportation & logistics and healthcare industries. Datalogic will become a shareholder of Caen RFID, through the acquisition of the 20% of the company, with the purpose of company development and growth. The operation is also enhanced by a commercial agreement between the two companies that includes the combined development of new products, the use of Caen RFID’s components by Datalogic for the manufacturing of its products and the distribution of Caen RFID’s products with Datalogic brand. This acquisition enables Datalogic to widen its product offering, above all in the Retail (non food) segment, in warehousing and in the Transport and Logisitics segment, through the co-development of new products and managing new application areas. 

Adriano Bigongiari, CEO of Caen RFID stated: ‘We are proud of Datalogic’s decision to participate in our growth project. Thanks to Datalogic’s experience and Caen RFID’s leadership in the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sector, we are confident that together we will succeed in developing new solutions in the RFID sector where there is huge potential. With this synergy between the two companies, CAEN RFID’s current offer, which already covers all the typical areas of application of the technology, can be widened and improved.”

This agreement benefits both companies. Caen RFID gain a strong partner which should enable them to expand their marketplace. Datalogic gain a leading EPCGlobal RFID partner to add to their portfolio.