Cloud will dominate the world – not!

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We recently published some research into the data integration market. How data integration products are used, for what sort of projects, for how many projects and so on and so forth. One of the side questions we asked was about company’s plans to move to either a private or public cloud. The results were something of a surprise, as illustrated:

Cloud plans

Over a third of our respondents don’t know if they will ever move to cloud, approaching 20% do not ever intend to implement an on-premise cloud and over 30% will not move to a vendor-supported cloud offering. Of course, this is with respect to data integration and the figures might be different for other sorts of technologies or applications. On the other hand I have no particular reason for thinking that data integration is that different from anything else. And, if that’s true, these figures would appear to give the lie to all the articles and blogs saying that everybody will move to the cloud: in fact, less than half of companies have any commitment in that area in the short to medium term and these will be your classic early adopters. It looks to me as if a lot of companies are waiting to see how things work out. Anyway, food for thought.