Continuous deployment at BCS CMSG 2013

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If there is one thing that drives agile delivery of automated business outcomes, it’s continuous deployment. Automation of error-prone manual procedures reduces errors and increases efficiency – as long as you build on configuration management best practices. Note that this doesn’t demand ‘high ceremony’ process and a focus on perfection – ‘just enough’ process ensures that the automated business outcome is ‘good enough’ to get the job done – that is, it’s fit for purpose – and continuous deployment implies that the scope of impact of any particular change is limited (so any risk is manageable).

This topic is, IMO, one of the sexiest topics at the up-coming BCS-CMSG conference (4 June 2013, at the BCS Office in central London). Martin van Vliet, of XebiaLabs,  is talking about taking continuous integration to the enterprise level and extending it to Continuous Delivery. To get there, he says, teams need enterprise-grade automated testing, Continuous Integration and automated deployments – and he’ll highlight some simple steps for getting started.