Expert loses laptop. Is no one immune?

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According to this report an Australian navel officer attending a defence seminar in Bangkok had his laptop stolen from his hotel room.

Reportedly an expert in maritime communications and information systems the officer, “left his five-star Banyan Tree
Hotel at 2am, travelling to the red light entertainment district of
Nana Plaza in Sukhumvit Road. He returned to the hotel accompanied by a
Thai person just before 3am.”

Australian defence people are now worried in case our hero of the hour was targetted or may have been knobbled whilst he was tired and emotional.

Or maybe he was simply knobbled by the “Thai person.”

On a serious note the laptop only contained “the lowest classification” of data. Even so, if the laptop was not encrypted it might make for interesting reading by a foreign intelligence agency. If sensitive data was stolen then the UK-USA Security Agreement, of which Australia is part of a 5 nation intelligence sharing network, would be further dented at a time when intelligence agencies are under increasing scrutiny.