Each Trend page is effectively a mini site for a particular technology. Each page contains contextual information about the topic, commentary from our analysts, links to product information and additional educational resources if you wish to dig deeper.

Actionable Insight

Actionable insight covers two distinct trends within IT: the ability to analyse historic data to infer behaviour and "self-service insight visualisation".

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Big Data

Big data is a catch-all phrase that refers to data that, in one way or another, exceeds the capacity or scope of traditional relational technology.

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Cloud is shorthand for a quite revolutionary set of new ways through which the capabilities of contemporary Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)...

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Freedom represents a revolution in the way businesses use automation. It is about freeing the business to operate in the way that it wishes to.

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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the emerging disruptive technology for the 21st Century

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Trust can be defined as the ability to believe in the reliability and integrity of something or someone.

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