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Date: 9th April, 2009
Format: White Paper

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HP has recently collaborated with Oracle in order to introduce the HP Oracle Database Machine and the HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server as solutions for the data warehousing market. On the other hand, HP also offers its own Neoview product that addresses that market.

From one perspective this collaboration can be seen as a good illustration of HP's partnership model, and its role in the development and provision of the Exadata Storage Server and the Database Machine is based on its leading position as a provider of the platform technology involved.

However, this may also appear confusing. It might suggest that HP was directly competing with itself in its partnership with Oracle. We do not believe this to be the case: the HP Oracle products and HP Neoview have fundamentally different architectures and, as a result, are aimed at very different segments of the overall data warehousing space. Neoview, in particular, is aimed at the enterprise data warehousing space where there is a focus placed on mixed workload environments that involve a combination of simple, complex and real-time query processing within a single environment. Oracle, because of its architecture, does not serve this mixed workload environment well. In this paper we will explore the differences between the various options now available from HP and explain how the company's partnership with Oracle strengthens its position within the data warehousing market.

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