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Date: 25th July, 2012
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uRiKA can be viewed as a new class of a product: a ‘graph warehouse’, purpose built for relationship analytics, focused on the discovery of relationships (and patterns within those relationships) that were not previously known. Such use cases are common: for example, security services want to discover and understand the relationships that exist between criminals and/or terrorists; similarly, fraudsters (telecoms fraud, benefit fraud, insurance fraud and so on) are frequently associates of one another, as are individuals involved in money laundering; in medicine and life sciences you want to be able to discover associations between treatments and patients, between drugs and allergic reactions, and between different pieces of research to discover new possible treatments. Other possible uses would be in SIEM (security information and event management) to use graphs to identify particular patterns of cyber-attack, in capital markets to discover trading patterns and, of course, for social media analytics.

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