Storing system and software engineering artefacts for large-scale reuse

with PTC Integrity Asset Library

Cover from Storing system and software engineering artefacts for large-scale reuse

Date: 15th September, 2015
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Asset libraries, often called repositories, have been built before but failed to find general acceptance, largely because of their proprietary nature and possibly because of overweening ambition around their use, coupled with a lack of maturity in their users.

In Bloor's opinion, the time is now ripe for the introduction of a standards-based re-usable asset library, with realistic aspirations and oriented towards systems-engineering principles. PTC Integrity Asset Library appears to be such a product and, although it has not been extensively tested in the marketplace yet, Bloor expects it to do well. We will follow its progress with interest, especially if its acceptance can move beyond PTC's current systems engineering comfort-zone.

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