Progress Apama 4.0

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Date: 30th September, 2008
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Progress Apama is based on what used to be the Apama product, developed by the company of the same name, which was acquired by Progress during the spring of 2005. According to Progress, version 4.0 of Apama is the most significant release of the product since the acquisition. While there have been significant improvements to performance in this release the main emphasis has been on improving the user experience, particularly with the introduction of Apama Studio.

Progress Apama is a complex event processing (CEP) platform aimed at building real-time, event-driven applications and supporting event driven architectures (EDA). The product's query processing and analytical capabilities are designed for (truly) real-time environments. The company's contention (with which we concur) is that conventional approaches to real-time queries are only suitable for small scale environments or those in which limited numbers of data feeds are being monitored. In particular, these solutions cannot cope with environments where large numbers of data feeds need to be combined in a complex and dynamic fashion.

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