New Model Marketing - building on experience

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Date: 1st June, 2009
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The implementation of any marketing strategy will be a complex and variable mix of skills, knowledge and experience. Few businesses can now afford the operational costs required to sustain that mix in terms of human resources, so other alternatives need to be sought.

One alternative is to select a number of specialist market agencies to provide the implementation skills needed by the strategy. This approach is predicated on the assumption that a clear marketing strategy, coupled with appropriate management skills, is already in place.

Another is to select a specialist consultancy to help define the strategy. This approach is predicated on the assumption that suitable skills will be available to implement it.

In the opinion of Bloor Research a third strategy option is now available in the form of any marketing services provider that can mix significant experience of both marketing strategy development and management of its implementation through to end result. In addition, it must be able to select and manage the most appropriate specialist consultancies and agencies for any particular marketing project in order to build a coherent collective marketing team to work on a client's behalf. Think Smart Marketing is, in the opinion of Bloor Research, a company well-positioned to meet these new requirements in marketing.

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