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Date: 23rd May, 2008
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BEZ Systems provides predictive performance management (PPM) for various databases and, with BEZVision, this extends to encompass the application that goes alongside that database as part of the corporate IT infrastructure.

Now, database performance management tools are available from various suppliers and a number of these extend beyond the database per se. However, BEZVision is different from all of these and complements rather than competes with them. What conventional performance management tools help you to do is to identify bottlenecks in your existing (extended) database environment so that you create or drop indexes, improve SQL access paths and so on. However, these are purely reactive. What BEZVision offers is the ability to forecast what will happen to performance if, for example, you add another server or implement a new application; and it will make recommendations about tuning on the basis of this forecast. Moreover, BEZVision will also predict the effect of implementing its recommendations so that you can try out different scenarios. In other words, BEZVision is a proactive tool that that has a very important role to play in capacity and future planning, and in avoiding future performance issues...

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